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Photo Album Page
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Tales from the River End - THE Dover Athletic fanzine.

Here, for your delectation, are various photographs of interest. Some have been used in the pages of Tales, and some haven't. If you have any photos which you think should be featured, e-mail them to us.


Mark Miller celebrates the win at Sutton in his usual exuberant fashion.


Well, what do we have here? It's the infamous Voddy Boys in full flow after the Premier Inter-League Cup Final at Aylesbury in May 1991. We beat Southport 3-2 in a superb game, and the Trophy is still in the Crabble boardroom. Pictured here are: (left to right) Terry, Sludge, Stoody, and the Pieman(partly hidden).


Just who would travel 380 miles each way to see a friendly? Here is a photo of some of the Dover Athletic support at Whitley Bay in August 1994, for our game there. We won 2-1, and went on to draw 2-2 at Blyth Spartans the following day, which of course made the whole trip worthwhile. Any rumours going around that that weekend turned into a trip for groundhoppers are of course unfounded!


Pictured is a section of the massive Dover Athletic support at Stevenage for our F.A. Trophy match there not so long ago. There are a few familiar faces there, aren't there?