The History of Dover Football Club

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I have decided to list the various changes that I make to this website, partly so that you can see what's new, and partly for my own benefit.

27/1/06  Corrected 1961-62 fixtures and results list. Canterbury City appeared as "Cambridge United" for some reason! Reserves results also added.

28/1/06   Tidied up 1956-57 results page, and added Reserves results and League table.

29/1/06   Corrected small mistakes on 1907-08, 1923-24, and 1954-55 results pages, and included Reserves results and League tables in the last two seasons.

23/2/06  Corrected article on the present ground, to show correct match at which the misbehaviour of Dover fans led to the K.C.F.A. ordering that some way be found to prevent match officials and players having to walk through the crowd.

16/4/06  Added nine more team photos, from seasons 1948-49, 1951-52, 1952-53, 1953-54, 1956-57 (two), 1957-58, 1958-59, and 1963-64.

7/5/06  Kent League shield added to "Interesting Items" page.

28/7/06  Seasons 1951-52, 1953-54, 1957-58, and 1958-59 have had one or two recently discovered attendances added to each, and the Reserves results and League tables have also been added to each season. Correction to 1953-54 season - Canterbury match on 17/4/54 was listed as a League fixture - it was actually a Kent Senior Shield semi-final.